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Entry #3

i hope i can be better at animating !

2010-07-24 08:45:14 by trunksfan001

people are saying that im a bad animator ...... i have low self esteem as it is !! come on give me some advice !

i hope i can be better at animating !


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2010-07-24 12:44:46

Careful making Naruto toons because Snowdrake gets to angry at others who make them.
She will bash yours, shes a mean person : (

Her's are Ultimate Naruto Fan Flashes btw

trunksfan001 responds:

thanks for the advice. but the only reason i made them was because there werent many on newground.


2010-08-12 11:15:23

Don't let people get you down. i too, have low self esteem. people just say that because you use lots of still images, and there's nothing wrong with that. its your style :). It's just narutards will pick fault with any part of your flashes that isn't related to the story ¬.¬. good luck with your flashes XD


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